If you’re a gang member, you get to self-isolate at home!

Newshub reports:

Newshub can reveal a COVID-positive man, believed to have gang links, was allowed to isolate at home in South Auckland – but nearby residents say people in the household were seen walking around the neighbourhood. 

A green portaloo was the only remaining sign of the at-home isolation arrangement. It was there for a security guard to use. 

The guard was keeping watch on a COVID-19 case in isolation – although a nearby resident says family at the address didn’t stay home, and were seen walking up the road to the shops. 

30,000 Kiwis stuck overseas are told they can’t be trusted to self-isolate at home and must do MIQ, but gang members get special treatment and are allowed to do so.

Even more farcical is they knew he wouldn’t actually do so, as otherwise why would they have hired a security guard?

I always knew the Government’s soft on gangs approach would be bad for law & order. I never realised it would also be bad for public health.

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