Propaganda campaign not working

The Herald reports:

Complaints about the Government’s Three Waters Reform TV adverts include describing them as misinformation, untrue and a taxpayer-funded propaganda campaign. …

The $3.5 million advertising campaign, which began in June 2021, depicts unhappy cartoon people and animals with poor quality water. …

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled in the context of advocacy advertising, it was not misleading or offensive.

A total of 48 complaints were made about the adverts.

The Government said its aim was to build wider support for Three Waters reform.

The ads might not breach the ASA codes, but they are clearly failing in terms of building support for the Three Waters reform.

A Curia poll for the Taxpayers Union found support for the reforms was a miniscule 19% with 56% opposed.

Regardless of party support, a plurality of voters are opposed. Labour voters are a net 11% opposed, Green voters a net 6% opposed and National voters a net 40% opposed. Those undecided on the party vote are a net 51% opposed.

Of course around 90% of the Councils are opposed also. But will Labour use it majority to legislate to confiscate water assets from democratically elected councils?

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