Not the 1pm Update Two

Item 1: Another International Award for NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Talk Radio TV UK late last week presented Ardern with the Plank of the Week for clarifying the medical class-system in our nation:

Interviewer: “… two classes of people. If you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated … “

Ardern: “That is what it is! Yep.”

In making the award the panelists had a great understanding of aspects like – the single source of truth and don’t talk to your neighbour. They mention coercion and even hint towards a tourism award too when the host says – “I always wanted to go to NZ but now I don’t want to waste my time going there.”

Item 2: The Prime Minister has put herself out in the public this week.

Kawakawa was a classic with: “People need to be able to ask questions.” So someone does and the PM’s response is to say that he can’t because he is not an accredited journalist. She then closed the press conference down and moved it indoors so the pesky public can be kept out.

Karen and I grew up in Wanganui. Yesterday it was good to see that the peasants are still revolting.

The PM’s event didn’t even start down in The Nui.

Item 3: Christmas may well be cancelled.

People are starting to use the Grinch word. C.S. Lewis is more apt from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe where under Queen Jadis (aka The White Witch) it is always Winter but Never Christmas.

“How dare you ask me a question you’re NOT accredited. You minion!”

Item 4: The USA has gone from TDS to BBR

It has surprised commentators that Joe Biden could sleep at all when in Scotland (along with the 400 private jets, and those in his 85 car motorcade) when his approval ratings have dropped below 43%. Also of note is that 71% of the US population believe the nation is heading in the wrong direction and it became clear that the new Virginia Governor was going to be Republican.

Welcome to the new world of Biden Buyer Regret (BBR) and Let’s Go Brandon.

Item 5: The Cost of a Single Health Focus

  • A $75.8 million mental-health programme that was ANNOUNCED has achieved nothing.
  • There are now 24,456 people on the Social Housing Waiting List (5844 in September 2017). In the last four years the wait time has gone from 104 days to 293. Grant Robertson show behavioural traits of twins separated at birth and often do pinky finger snaps when the repeat “Nine Long Years of Neglect” but forget to add “followed by Four Rapid Years of Carnage.”
  • The NZ education was at demonstrable tipping point two years ago. This utter mismanagement of the decile 1 to 3 schools in the last two years has been like piling the aspirations of thousands of kids into a bus and driving it off a cliff. Young people have lost their sense of purpose. In 2020 just 58% of NZ students attended school 9/10 days. In the UK it was 87%. For decile 1 – 3 student in NZ it is now below 40% – even when out of lockdown.
  • Internationally Standford’s Dr Jay Battacharya has detailed to impacts of the Western nation lockdown decisions and the return to the 2008 phenomenon of “deaths of despair”. The UN has estimated 250,000 child in Asian have died of starvation due to lockdowns and worldwide the starvation estimate from the same cause is 130 million. He also details the increase in alcohol & opioid abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, mental illness and suicide.

Item 6: Clarity on THE most Dangerous Job in the World

It has become clear from recent media items that the most dangerous job in any country – or indeed the whole world is to be the Oldest Person.

Just in the last month there have been recorded Oldest Person deaths in France, Brazil, California, New Zealand and one in Saudi Arabia who died at 120 and left behind 477 family members.

Having cancelled my Teacher Registration over the mandate I am looking at options; Oldest Person is not one of them.

Item 7: Can New Zealand defeat Afghanistan?

Like many in the Team of #%$@^%@# I love cricket and clearly the last 6 years has been the best time to be an NZ fan. The Black Caps under Brigadier General Williamson have to beat Afghanistan to make the semi-finals. Can they do what Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the British Empire, the USSR and the USA could not achieve?

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