Terrible results for the Democrats

Everyone thought the Virginia election would be close, despite Biden winning it by 10% last year, but no one really thought New Jersey would be close as Biden won that by 16%. As I write this the Republican candidate for New Jersey Governor is 600 votes ahead of the incumbent Democratic Governor. The Democrats will hang on, but to be neck and neck in a state that was 16% ahead last year shows how much the tide has turned.

In Virginia, the Republicans won all three state wide offices – Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney-General. Youngkin won by over 2%. It also looks likely the Reoublicans have won the majority of the Virginia House of Delegates.

The Democrats made the mistake of running against Donald Trump. That worked in 2020, but not 2021. And the Republicans have identified a backlash against identity politics which will be potent in 2022. Having Democrats complain that parents want too much of a say in their kid’s education is not a winning strategy.

51% of voters in Virginia think parents should have a lot of say in what their local school teaches and Youngkin win that group 76% to 23%.

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