They’re just doing communism wrong strikes again!

The Telegraph reports:

Wikipedia entry detailing “mass killings under Communist regimes” faces being purged from the platform over fears about bias.

The page outlining the deaths of millions in one-party states including the Soviet Union and China has been flagged for deletion, with some users responsible for maintaining the site taking issue with blaming mass murder on Communist ideology.

This is a variant on the usual hard left argument that marxism and communism is a wonderful system, and that it has only failed in every country that has implemented it because they didn’t do it correctly.

In this case they are arguing that the 100 to 150 million killed by communist governments is a bug, not a feature. It is purely by chance that governments slaughtered millions of their own citizens in the USSR, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Bulgaria, East Germany, Romania, Yugoslavia, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Ethiopia etc.

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