May Day

Today is May Day. It was chosen by communists and socialists to commemorate the Haymarket affair where 11 people were killed after a dynamite bomb was thrown at Police.

It seems an appropriate day to commemorate all those killed by communism. The numbers below exclude war dead. This is deaths by government.

  1. China 73.2 million, mainly famine
  2. USSR 58.6 million, famine and executions
  3. Russia (1918 – 1922) 3.3 million
  4. 3.1 million, mainly famine
  5. 2.6 million, genocide
  6. Afghanistan 1.8 million
  7. 1.7 million
  8. Ethiopa 1.3 million
  9. Yugoslavia 1.1 million
  10. Chinese Soviet Republic 700k
  11. Mozambique 700k
  12. Romania 435k
  13. 222k
  14. Angola 125k
  15. Mongolia 100k
  16. Albania 100k
  17. 73k
  18. East Germany 70k
  19. Czechoslovakia 65k
  20. Laos 56k

That’s a total of almost 150 million dead due to communism. We should remember all those dead, especially when we see people proclaim they are a Marxist or communist. They will insist all those other countries just did it wrong, of course.

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