Former Labour Party General Secretary pushed Putin propoganda

at The Standard writes:

One of Vladimir Putin’s objectives in the Russian incursion into was to “denazify Ukraine.” With the breakdown in the agreement to allow a humanitarian corridor out of Mariupol, this task will be much harder and the terrorist toll much higher. Once Russia has succeeded however, the world will be a better place for it.

So you have a blogger at The Standard cheering on Putin, and pushing the Kremlin’s propaganda line that the invasion is to denazify Ukraine, as opposed to turn it into a puppet state.

But this isn’t any random blogger. Smith served for eight years as General Secretary of the NZ Labour Party – the organisational equivalent of chief executive.

Media spend thousands of column centimeters exposing what they label as the far right, Why do they never bother to highlight and expose the far left?

If a former ACT Party MP was cheering on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it would be a major story. But a former General Secretary, and nothing.

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