Jacinda says not soft on crime!

One News reports:

But Minister Jacinda Ardern told Morning Report she was weary of political rhetoric on crime masking the situation, and both Labour and National were firm on crime.

“The facts are that the penalties for these issues have not decreased, so this idea that there’s been a problem with the deterrent factor is just wrong.”

The idea tougher penalties would deter young people from carrying out ram raids was not realistic, she said.

“That … says that there’s a rational calculation from young people who, we know are probably making these decisions without that rational judgement. Most young people who are engaging in crime don’t think they’re going to get caught.

Actually many criminals are quite rational. They now know that the Police will no longer pursue your vehicle, if you drive fast enough – even if you have just robbed a store. So they have worked out the safest way to rob a store is to ram raid it, and take off quickly – confident in the knowledge that the Police won’t follow them for long.

The Minister has rejected claims Labour is not tough enough on crime, saying the penalties are the same under both major parties

This is not true. It is the policy of Labour that repeat serious and violent offenders should be able to get early release through parole after one third of their sentence. It is the policy of National that someone on their second violent offence not be allowed out after one third of their sentence.

Further it is the policy of National (and current law) that a third time assailant who seriously wounds someone be sent to prison for 14 years with no parole while the policy of Labour is to change the so they may get out after just two or three years.

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