Vale Kris Faafoi

Kris Faafoi was one of those MPs who was liked across the House. He had friendships with National MPs and Labour MPs. knew him when he was a journalist, a press secretary and as an MP. He believed in public service/

His valedictory is here. Some extracts:

Prime Minister, have had one outstanding issue, though, since in 2012. I know you remember. I said I’d donate $500 to your campaign if you got up and danced on stage with a group. I never thought you’d do it, and you did. Prime Minister, I know it’s been 10 years, but earlier this week I donated $500 to the Mt Albert Labour electorate committee (LEC). That’s the receipt. I thought about adjusting it for inflation, but—ha, ha!


One of my favourite experiences in that broadcasting portfolio was a Friday afternoon visit to offices of New Zealand Media and Entertainment in Auckland. was given a tour of the newsroom and then found myself in the Radio Hauraki office at happy hour. After obliging an offer of an ice-cold Wakachangi beer, was invited into the studio and offered another ice-cold beer, which I must admit was going down very well after a busy week. They gave me a guitar to take part in an on-air competition which, unbeknown to me, was won by an old school friend in Christchurch. But my most vivid memory was of the immense unease of my broadcasting private sec, feeling like she was losing control of the situation and of her Minister. 

could imagine!

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