The answers to the when Labour will achieve its promises quiz

100,000 affordable homes by 2028

69% said the year 2305 which is the correct answer.

One billion trees funded by 2028

29% said the year 2198 which is incorrect. The correct answer is 2101, a mere 79 years away, which 28% got correct.

fleet emissions free by 2026

33% said the year 2095, which is the correct answer. A relatively swift 78 years to achieve a nine year goal

Net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

68% said never which is pessimistic. They are on track to get there in the year 2198, which 21% got correct.

100% renewable electricity by 2035

49% correctly said never. The proportion renewable is lower today than it was in 2017.

So of their five targets, one they are on track to never achieve, one is on track for the end of the 21st century, two are on track for the 22nd century and is on track for completion in the 24th century.

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