Bad losers

Part of democracy is your side loses sometimes, even often. It is how the system works. It is always a good idea to be a gracious victor and also a gracious loser.

The victories for the CR in the local elections has seen some very bad losers, starting right at the top.

The turnout in 2022 is looking to be near identical to 2019 when the left did very well. Did you hear the PM in 2019 declaring that there has to be an inquiry into the low turnout?

The very clear dogwhistle from the PM is that the left only lost because of low turnout, implying the results are somewhat illegitimate.

I have been advocating for over a decade two simple reforms to lift local election turnout – allowing people to return their ballot paper via the Internet (as overseas Kiwis do in general elections) and having the Electoral Commission in charge of local elections. Despite select committee recommendations, the Government has done nothing in the last five years to advance these. Only when they get walloped, do they seem interested.

Then you have journalist Donna Chisholm declaring that Aucklanders are racist as f*8K because they elected Wayne Brown over Efeso Collins.

Did Donna proclaim Aucklanders were all racist bigots in 2019 when they chose Phil Goff over John Tamihere?

Of course not. You are only racist when you vote against a left wing candidate.

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