Nothing to apologise for

RNZ report:

New National MP Cameron Brewer has apologised for a “poor attempt at ” after celebrating the return of “stale, pale males” in his election night victory speech, having ousted Labour's Vanushi Walters from Upper Harbour.

In a recording of the speech leaked to RNZ, Brewer can be heard declaring himself a “glass ceiling breaker” to laughs from the crowd.

'll be the first male MP for Upper Harbour,” he says to cheers. “Stale, pale males are back!” …

Contacted by RNZ, Brewer said the remarks were intended to be funny and self-deprecating but accepted they were unwise.

“If anyone is offended by this comment, of course, I apologise… I don't want to be the subject of distraction,” Brewer said.

“In my defence, it was a private function, but nonetheless, it was a silly thing to say. It was clearly a poor attempt at humour, and it's something I wouldn't say again.”

Brewer told RNZ he was disappointed the speech had been leaked and regretted that his “minor offence” could have poorly reflected on him or the .

“It was an exciting election night victory. We were all a little bit excited. And hence, my speech possibly went off the core message of gratitude.

“It's a lesson for a first-term MP that even if you're in a private function, cracking jokes, you've just got to be ultra careful as to what you say.”

This is just ridiculous and should not be a . It was obvious self-deprecating humour. I hate the fact the offence seem determined to take all humour and joy out of life.

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