Thank goodness – new science curriculum on hold

The Herald reports:

The implementation of a controversial new science curriculum that caused outrage for its lack of any mention of physics, chemistry or biology has come to a halt – both delighting and frustrating educators.

Consultation on the draft new science curriculum, which caused uproar when an early version was leaked, has been put on hold for a second time, with the Ministry of Education waiting to “engage” with the new Government before it is sent out.

The National Party waded into the education debate during the election campaign, promising to “rewrite” the New Zealand school curriculum, meaning the controversial proposal may never see the light of day.

The first move of the new Minister of Education should be to shred all remaining copies of the draft science curriculum, and start work from scratch. No one involved with the draft should be involved with work on the new one. Hopefully that way we get a science curriculum that mentions physics, chemistry and biology!

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