Think if a National Party Councillor had done this about Jacinda?

The Herald reports:

Wellington City Councillor Teri O'Neill has defended her decision to post flyers featuring Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and his two deputies inside the image of a penis around Wellington City.

O'Neill took pictures of herself and her friends sticking the posters up around the city on Friday night and posted them to yesterday.

When contacted by the Herald about the pictures, she made her Instagram private but says she stands by her decision to post the flyers – one of which featured new Prime Minister Christopher Luxon inside the outline of a penis.

Another had Act David Seymour and leader Winston Peters inside the scrotum of the genitals while Luxon formed the head.

A child pretending to be a City Councillor.

Imagine if a National Party City Councillor stuck up posters of Jacinda Ardern inside women's genitilia. There would be howls of outrage, and demands they resign immediately.

I don't think O'Neill should resign for acting like a child. But it does mean that no one in central Government is going to take very seriously.

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