Speeding up consents is fascism!

The Post reports:

For [Robyn] Malcolm, yesterday’s stand “wasn’t all about the environment” – a phrase she assures supporters isn’t one she would use often – it was as much about protecting democracy.

“There’s a reason [consents] take time, it’s because it’s important and the hoops need to be jumped, and all the people who are involved to need to be consulted. The other way leads to fascism, and that’s terrifying to me,” she said.

The hysteria is amusing – speeding up consents is fascism.

Yet when Labour did the same thing in 2021, it was not fascism.

It took eight years for a wind farm in Wellington to be consented. That is just crazy.

But here we have an so called environmentalist arguing that it is more important to have hoops to be jumped, that consenting renewable energy projects.

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