Take the far right test!

From The Telegraph:

Take our quick quiz to discover whether you too are at risk of joining the ever-growing number of dangerous extremists labelled “far-Right”…

1. In 1993, the UK had an annual net immigration figure of about zero. Thirty years later, in 2023, it had an annual net immigration figure of 685,000. How do you feel about this change?

a. It just goes to show how much Rishi Sunak’s racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, Little Englander Tory Government hates migrants. The 2023 figure should have been at least twice as high.

b. I can’t see any problems with it. Certainly not in the charming, peaceful and expensive middle-class suburb where I live.

c. Now you put it like that, the 2023 figure does seem a trifle on the steep side.

2. Do women have penises?

a. Obviously. Come on, this is basic biology. As of about 2015.

b. Oh, must we really keep on stoking these beastly culture wars? What’s wrong with placing convicted rapists in a prison full of women, anyway?

c. Er… no?

3. Last Saturday the IDF rescued four Israeli hostages from Gaza. What was your reaction?

a. Like every other decent, compassionate human being, I was utterly appalled by the premeditated slaughter of innocent Hamas operatives.

b. Both sides should just set aside their differences and live in peace. Why does no one seem to have thought of this?

c. If Hamas didn’t want the IDF to launch an armed operation to rescue the hostages, perhaps they shouldn’t have taken the hostages in the first place.

4. Last month, a councillor in Leeds ended his local elections acceptance speech by screaming, “Allahu Akbar!” How did you feel about this?

a. There was nothing remotely sinister or threatening about it at all. As anyone who knows the first thing about Islamic culture can tell you, it actually translates as “happy birthday”.

b. Do we really have to dwell on this sort of thing? It’s all terribly awkward and uncomfortable. Look, let’s just keep our heads down, and I’m sure it’ll all blow over.

c. He may well be a very nice man once you get to know him, but I can’t say I’ve got any immediate plans to invite him over for wine and nibbles.


Mostly a: Congratulations! You’re a progressive. You therefore hold all the approved opinions about today’s key issues.

Mostly b: You’re a centrist. As a result, you believe in moderation, nuance, and never expressing any opinion that might damage your standing in fashionable circles. If Person X argues that 2+2=4 and Person Y argues that 2+2=5, you propose a sensible compromise of 4½.

Mostly c: You far-Right, bigoted, hate-filled, genocidal, transphobic Zionist. You are literally Hitler.

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