95 days and counting

A month ago I blogged:

There is no way the investigation will have taken nine weeks. The Uffindell investigation took only five weeks to complete, and that was dealing with events from 20 years ago where witnesses had to be tracked down.

Almost certainly the Green leadership have the report, and have had it for some time. They don’t need to release the report, but they do need to tell us whether it substantiated the claims against Tana, and what the outcome will be.

It has now been 95 days with Tana on full pay. I’ve been a board chair where we have had to have a barrister investigate issues around employment allegations. We got the report within a fortnight or so.

How long is 95 days. Well some comparisons:

  • The duration of 1.3 Falkland Wars (74 days)
  • The duration of 2.3 Gulf Wars to liberate Kuwait (42 days)
  • 8.6 Scaramuccis (11 days)
  • Light from the sun will have travelled 1/16th of the way to Proxima Centauri
  • 1.3 times the duration of the independent inquiry into the appointment of the NZ Deputy Police Commissioner (74 days)
  • 1.1 times the duration of the independent inquiry into Judith Collins and the SFO Director (85 days)
  • 0.7 times the duration of the Rogers Commission inquiry into why the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded
  • 4.3 times the duration of the US Senate investigation into the sinking of the Titanic (18 days)
  • 1.1 times the duration of the Tower Commission into the Iran-Contra Affair (85 days)
  • 1.8 times the duration of the Roberts Commission into the Pearl Harbour attack (54 days)

Amazing how an inquiry into alleged employment infringements can take this long.