Spinning a turd

Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau said:

Mayor Tory Whanau says: “Pōneke is going through a huge transformation at the moment – and all the work we are doing now is setting the city up for generations to come.

“This survey will continue to help Wellington City Council make informed decisions about what residents want and need.

“It’s such a great sign that people are increasingly finding it easier to get around the city using public transport and cycleways, and that they are satisfied with our community facilities that serve so many Wellingtonians.

Here’s the actual data, and the changes:

  • Wellington’s city centre is lively and attractive 37% (-51% from 2017)
  • I feel a sense of pride in the way Wellington looks and feels 50% (-35% from 2017)
  • 20% satisfied with the process by which Council makes decisions
  • Overall Council satisfaction 29% and dissatisfaction 56%
  • Feeling safer in CBD after dark 43% (-33% from 2019)

Only 1 in 3 think the city centre is attractive, and it used to be almost 9 in 10. Most Wellingtonians do not feel safe in the CBD after dark, and it used to be 4 in 3 did feel safe.