Chauvel has to wait

December 23rd, 2005 at 5:25 am by David Farrar

Charles Chauvel has to wait a few more months before he becomes an MP, as Helen Clark has very sensibly extended Jim Sutton’s term as a Minister until the end of the Doha Round in May.

He makes it very clear in the article he will leave Parliament once he is no longer a Minister, which will see Charles Chauvel enter on the Labour list.

The trade negotiations role is an unusual one for a Minister. Matthew Hooton (who has worked for one) made the point on National Radio on Tuesday that it is one of the few portfolios where you literally do what it says. The Education Minister doesn’t teach, the Police Minister doesn’t police, but the Trade Negotiations Minister does negotiate trade deals. And as Hooton said, the only way you get good at that it with experience, and personal contacts built up. Hence dumping Sutton was always a bad move.

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2 Responses to “Chauvel has to wait”

  1. Scott Higham () says:

    Hmm, the Education Minister doesn’t teach. The Police Minister doesn’t Police.

    Does the Minister of Womens Affairs have an affair with a woman?

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  2. tim barclay () says:

    Think I would rather have Jim Sutton than Charles Chauvel and I think she has now weighed that up as well. So we will have this curious process of a rolling extensions to his Ministerial warrants. Sometimes Helen stuffs up and does not consider the next few steps. They all stuff up, of course, politics is a fairly complex game of chess.

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