Charles Chauvel

The Dominion Post reports that Labour’s candidate for Ohariu-Belmont, Charles Chauvel, has quit the board of Meridian Energy after warnings of a potential conflict of interest from SOEs Minister Paul Swain.

I am somewhat surprised one had to be advised by the Minister before making that decision independently. Also surprised Mr Chauvel claims it is not due to the advice from the Minister, but simply because he is too busy. I would not have thought ministerial appointees routinely ignore ministerial advice.

Also interesting is the $80,000 in travel expenses for the Lotteries Commission, with Chauvel saying it was generally a 10-day trip to Europe.

I travelled to Europe, business-class, last year for just over a week. The total cost was around $12,000. That is either a hell of a lot of 10 day trips to Europe, or some very atypical costs.

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