Another school story

February 17th, 2006 at 2:06 pm by David Farrar

Goodness the major concern to Wellingtonians must be obscure school appointments and policies as today’s lead story in the Dom Post is that Wellington High School paid 13 out of 1,000 students a $50 prize for having a 100% attendance record.

Back when I was at school we had to work much harder to make the front page. Rongotai College managed it though when there was a national controversy over the principal video recording pupil’s getting caned so he could examine the best aeronautical way to cane (he was a former aeronautical engineer).

Most amusing was how when the debate went public over this issue the Evening Post trumpeted a banner headline “Civil War breaks out at school” and I grabbed a copy to see which school this had happened at, to find I was at the so called civil war wracked school!

Civil War meaning two students shoved each other in a disagreement on the issue.


4 Responses to “Another school story”

  1. Uroskin () says:

    If the aim of the $50 reward is to cut truancy then it may be more effective to pay it to parents instead.

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  2. side show bob () says:

    I wish someone would pay me for suffering under this socalist, we know the best, we are all happy (gay),we are all so pleased to pay heaps of tax, we may not touch our children (no kicking arse), all our dogs must have a chip( not fish and chips), no more chewing gum,no more puss sucking scumbag aholes telling me that I owe them a living.

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  3. the deity formerly known as nigel6888 () says:

    thats the sort of rubbish you expect from that “progressive” school. I had the misfortune of attending their senior prizegiving this year. Apart from the Party broadcast for the Labour party, the sycophantic intro for Maryanne Street (who to be fair gave a good speech) then there was over 3 hours of “prizes” for attendance, not speaking english well, weird studies in bizzare non-subjects, oh and one or two prizes for excellence in academic subjects.

    All of which undermined by a particularly STUPID Headmistress who consistently mispronounced students names and made a point in her opening address of saying that the school wasnt about celebrating excellence because excellent students didnt need support from the school, it was everyone else – aka the mediocre – who were to be recognised that evening.

    Man it was boring, and I had only managed 2 glasses of wine beforehand and even that couldnt anaethetise the pain.

    I was appalled frankly. Where did the $50 come from, hopefully not their Government grant!

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  4. Simon () says:

    Wasn’t it wellington college??

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