Crapped on again

I was in the grounds of Parliament yesterday, being interviewed by Brian and Helen for their “Following Alexis West” documentary about NZ’s switch to MMP.

Around ten minutes into the interview and whooosh a pigeon craps on both Brian and myself.  I’m not sure the footage will make it into the final film, but as you can imagine my reaction wasn’t one of great pleasure.

Ironically it was only a couple of days earlier that I was recounting to someone at the press gallery party how I first met one of the PM’s press secs – being the last time I was crapped on.  I worked for a small firm that did advertising and PR for Porirua City Council and we arranged a photo op at a landfill for one of the Councillors. The journalist, Juli, worked for Porirua News and we both got crapped on by a pigeon.  We still argue about whether the bird was aiming for the PR person or the journalist.  Ironically Juli is now a press secretary (a version of PR) and I’m now a blogger (a neathandal version of the journalist species).

I suppose being crapped on every 12 years is not too bad a record, but frankly twice is more than enough.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I had a gun to retaliate with!