English flys King over Electoral Law breaches

NZPA reports on a flaying gave in the House yesterday over breaches of the Electoral Finance Act – they’re all being done by the three main parties which voted for it.

Keeping Stock has the exchange from Hansard – go read the whole thing.

A further example that Bill didn’t even use was the launch of the Tongan branch of Labour a few days ago.  Huge banners supporting Labour on the TV news, and no authorisation statement on them at all, plus other electoral breaches.

Also very amusing to see Winston trying to help Annette out. Winston, whose was so outraged that the asked questions over his secret donations to charities (instead of the taxpayer), that he has now directly threatened the with a review of ownership laws.

Such a good look to have a senior Minister threaten the media with a change to media ownership laws, because they question him in a way he does not like.

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