Poor kids

The Taranaki Daily News has a story on some of the more unusual names in NZ:

  • Fish and Chips (twins)
  • Masport and Mower (twins)
  • Yeah Detroit
  • Spiral Cicada
  • Kaos
  • Stallion
  • Hitler
  • Cinderella Beauty Blossom
  • Twisty Poi
  • Keenan Got Lucky
  • Sex Fruit

Generally parents should be left to run their famileis as they see fit. But this is not an absolute right. Children are not just property, and there is sometimes a necessary role to protect children. I do think that most of the names above verge on the cruel.

Could you imagine 13 years of going through school with you and your brother called Fish and Chips. Every day would be hell probably.

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