Birth certificate names

The Herald reports:

The first couple to be issued a same-sex marriage license in Florida sued the state Thursday, saying that the statistics bureau still won’t allow hospitals to list both same-sex parents on .

Cathy Pareto and Karla Arguello of Miami, who had twins last week, filed the lawsuit in court in Tallahassee, Florida. Two other married, same-sex couples also are part of the lawsuit.

In the hours after giving birth, Pareto said she and her wife were told by the hospital records manager that both of their names couldn’t be on the birth certificate.

“We went through the whole fertility process together,” Pareto said. “The whole thing has been a unified front as a married couple. To then be told I couldn’t be on my own children’s birth certificate? It was degrading.”

I presume only one of them was pregnant?

But I guess the comparison is with a heterosexual couple where say the male is infertile and they use a donor. If the male partner would get his name on the birth certificate despite no biological connection, then I’d expect the same of a female partner.

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