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Out of the blue I got sent this photo yesterday by another attendee at the Paris IDU Party Leaders Meetings. Quite nice to have the photo to go with my Thatcher one!

In the latest poll in the UK, Cameron’s Conservatives have 46% compared to 25% for Labour under Gordon Brown. This would give them a massive projected 220 seat majority with Labour losing over 200 seats and the Lib Dems over 30 seats. With that sort of majority (if they get it) Labour will be in opposition for at least two terms.

I was sad to read in the NY Times today, that Carol Thatcher has revealed that is suffering from dementia. It seems to be affected her less than Ronald Reagan’s, as she does still “have good days” and was certainly lucid a couple of years ago at the IYDU Council Meeting when I briefly met her.

Dementia is an awful infliction on any person, and I would not want it on my worst enemy. There is some sort of awful irony that both Reagan and Thatcher, who helped free so many people from totalitarianism, spent their final years afflicted by a prison which has no chance of liberty.

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