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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 18:46:03 +1300
Subject: Nationalist Land base

Hello Patriots

Nationalist Land base


With an ever decreasing European population we face the real risk of  having no power in our Nation. It currently crumbles through the  current system of bad government policies, greedy politicians and businessmen. We must act to build a unified mini state that we could build up in future to be a base for other like minded Europeans to come to from other dieing countries.
Oh yes a whites only mini state is just what we want in NZ. Mind you I suspect Jewish Europeans are also unwelcome, even if they are white. Aryans only basically.

Donations needed

We need your commitment. This is your chance to put in some support  for our cause and its future. You can be remembered for something real. Please help us to make this  happen. We need your help!

All Organisations that Help will have a shield of banner on the wall of the meeting house. All individuals who help will have their name on  the plaque we put on the longhouse wall. We have a few people already  who will commit to sell their own properties and move as close to the  base as possible. Some of us have set up Auto payments and personal donations. Please put your donations into this bank account:

Name: Nationalist Alliance
Number: 03 1591 0227948 00
Bank: Westpac (Eastgate, Christchurch

Wow donate now and you get your own shield of banner.


The First Base we set up will be in North Canterbury area somewhere.  This will be reviewed at the time of purchase. Once we have created a strong area with an active base for recruiting and building a money base we will be able to buy other areas around New Zealand.

First North Canterbury, then New Zealand. Lucky Clayton Cosgrove gets to host the first neo nazi base. At least they might take care of the boy racers!

Proposed Features of the base
• Meeting house (longhouse) for Gatherings of leaders and active Nationalists.
• Bunk Rooms for young single people who are either visiting or want  to live in cheap accommodation.
• Unit sized Gotages for couples and small families.
• Schooling for our children.
• Work shop for engineering activities, wood work, and other relevant  items we could create.
• Training area for sport fighting.
• Survivalist Training.
• Teaching improved lifestyles through returning to a nature based living style.
• Large Vegetable garden to not only supply the community with fresh vegetables but also give surplus to local people to build support.
• Tap into a natural water supply.
• Social Bar for fundraising and building unity with social activities.
• Protected community.
• Create a few small businesses so that we can create a trade system and bring in profits from outside our communities that will help us to  buy more land and keep building.

Well the vegetable garden and natural water supply sound most laudable. A school for their own childrenwould be fascinating.


• High concentration of like minded folk to elect local officials into the area.
• Elect an MP for the area.

First take over the Waimakariri District Council, then get your own MP. Watch out Clayton!

• Keep our children away from the multicultural brainwashing of current system schools.
• Get our people back on track with a more stable and relaxed
lifestyle that teach self care and community care.
• Encouraging, supportive and friendly interaction with like minded people.
• Safety in numbers.
• Ability to put our European skills and intelligence to create new  technologies and build something to be proud of.

Personally I like the idea of all the white supremacists living together.

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