Cameron capitalises on crisis

has just done a very good job of capitalising on the crisis of confidence in MPs, as the Daily Telegraph has revealed more and more details. Cameron has:

  • Said sorry
  • Called some claims unethical and wrong
  • Has ordered several members of his Shadow Cabinet to pay back some expenses
  • Has set up a panel to scrutinise the expense claims of every Conservative MP and decide if any claim should be refunded
  • Any Conservative MP that does not pay back a claim as ordered, will be expelled from the party
  • All future expense claims will be published online so the public can scrutinise them
  • Is banning his MPs from flipping houses (this has caused most of the rorts – swapping their second home to be the one that needs work done on it)
  • forcing his MPs to pay capital gains tax on any sale of a house where the taxpayer has paid for mortgage interest
  • banning future claims for furniture, household goods or food (as is case in NZ basically)

I’d say the next election is now home and hosed.

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