The Tino Rangatiratanga flag

I said back in January 2009 when the decision was made, that I think allowing a Maori flag to fly on the Auckland Harbour Bridge on Waitangi Day was more than fine with me, noting that at various times all sorts of flags have flown there – even the EU flag I think.

On the day to commemorate an agreement between the Crown (now the Govt of NZ) and Maori, I think it is entirely appropriate to have a Maori flag fly one day a year.

I also think over time it will be seen as totally uncontroversial, and in fact will remove some of the divisiveness associated with the flag.

But in the short term, I have no doubt there will be a backlash. Interestingly there was none when the decision in principle was  made in January, but things have changed, and listening to talkback last night was a painful experience. A lot of the anger is at the PM personally. Mind you I don’t listen to talkback much, so this might be the normal state of affairs 🙂

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