The Assange case

Radsoft looks at some deleted tweets from one of the accusers in the Assange case in Sweden.

On 14 August she tweeted about Julian wanting to go to a crayfish party and at 2 am on 15th August she tweeted how she is with some of the world’s coolest smartest people.

It was on the 20th August she went to Police and complained she was molested by Assange on 14 August. The tweets seriously undermine that case.

These tweets have since been deleted but Google Cache has kept them.

They put the case in context:

Julian lives in Anna Ardin’s flat from 11 August until 19-20 August. During this time Julian and Anna have sex. Around 18-19 August Anna gets a call from a woman wanting to speak to Julian. When Anna realises that Julian’s also had consensual sex with this woman, something happens. The two women who are both christians and are connected to the Brotherhood Movement and were at the seminar at the Brotherhood Movement realise immediately that Julian doesn’t have any long term serious intentions with them. They decide after discussing the matter to file complaints against for sexual molestation.

What Assange did is exploitative and sleazy, but it is not a criminal offence to sleep around.

His own son commented on Facebook:

that man does have a way of making a lot of female enemies

which suggests Assange leaves a lot of women feeling exploited by him. But again, that is a long way from suggesting non-consensual sex.

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