Boscawen to be ACT’s parliamentary leader

Don Brash has just announced that will be ’s parliamentary leader. This is a rapid promotion for a first term MP. Presumably he remains Deputy Leader and will stay on in that role after the election, if re-elected.

Congratulations to John for his promotion.

UPDATE: Rodney Hide is remaining Local Government Minister, on the grounds he is steering important legislation through Parliament. I suspect the real reason is that if Rodney was forced onto the backbench, then he would have no incentive to play nice. Rodney has confirmed he will retire at the election.

Boscawen is surrendering his portfolios. Not sure if they will be picked up by a current Minister or a new Minister. And Hilary Calvert has become the party whip. So Heather is the only one missing out. So what salary changes are there:

  • Rodney remains on $209,100
  • John Boscawen goes from $209,100 to $155,780 (the party leader rate)
  • Hilary Calvert goes from $134,800 to $148,500
  • Sir Roger and Heather remain on $134,800

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