NZ Politics Daily

I blogged a while back about how invaluable I found Bryce Edward’s NZ Politics Daily. Bryce e-mails out around 5 pm every day a pdf of all the political news and blog stories from the last 24 hours. It’s a great resource.

Bryce (or one of the other editors) also does a summary of the major issues of the day, and particular stories he feels are must reads.  I do recommend interested people either check his website out with the summary, or ask to be put on the e-mail list for the full document.

Now putting it together is a big chore, and Bryce has a couple of guest editors who help put it together who have to be paid. He sought sponsorship for it, and I agreed to have Curia pay for a third of the cost, along with Matthew Hooton’s Exceltium and the Public Service Association.  

My motivation is primarily to support a good political resource, but also saw an opportunity to get the Curia brand out amongst key political people.

There is no editorial input due to the sponsorship. And ironically the main guest editor is Gerard Hehir, the President of the UNITE union. Bryce and Gerald decide which stories get included, and which ones to highlight.

Anyway if you do wish to receive it by e-mail, contact Bryce on, and you can see the smaller summary at his Liberation website. The NZPD can not be used for commercial purposes, only for research purposes.