Hamish Coleman-Ross at Stuff reports:

A controversial child beauty pageant has confirmed it will be held in New Zealand.

Three New Zealand cities are being considered as the location for an American-style beauty contest for dolled-up children next year.

Undeterred by protests against a pageant in Melbourne last month – and a tabloid television turf war that erupted over six-year-old United States star Eden Wood, who later pulled out – organisers Universal Royalty plan to bring the show to New Zealand for the first time next June

Yuck. That is one part of American culture that we can do without importing. It’s a free world, and if some parents are think it is good for their kids to take part, then that’s up to them.

But any who do would remind me of the women interviewed for the Bruno movie. He asks them if their would be prepared to model, lose weight, undergo liposuction, operate heavy machinery  and finally dress in Nazi uniforms in order to get the part – and the mother nods away agreeing to them all.

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