Shearer says Labour’s costings are wrong

April 16th, 2012 at 10:21 am by David Farrar

in a release says:

“One area that certainly needs more discussion is in the costing the Government is using, which appears to be ’s costing from before the election. This doesn’t include offsets for savings from things such as reduced demand for childcare subsidies.

So David Shearer is saying the Government should not use Labour’s costings, because they were wrong!

6 Responses to “Shearer says Labour’s costings are wrong”

  1. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    If offsets are applied won’t it improve Labour’s case?

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  2. 3-coil (1,322 comments) says:

    Shearer is an A-grade numpty – long may he lead the Labour party!

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  3. Nostalgia-NZ (6,435 comments) says:

    If they are wrong I’d rather here a politician admit it. Full points for that type of honesty.
    But actually he’s pointing out that National are using costings that that don’t have the deductions of savings from them, therefore National’s figures are wrong.

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  4. hmmokrightitis (1,919 comments) says:

    Nice try nostalgia…

    Its a labour policy. Nationals figures by default have to be what labour has touted as their version of the truth, at least in the first instance. Follow the logic…

    labour: heres a new policy, costing x

    national: This stupidity will cost the country x (per the labour party), we cant afford it…

    labour: ha, morons, your figures are wrong…oh, hang on…

    Im sure you get the drift. Well, maybe Im not so sure…

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  5. Richard29 (377 comments) says:

    Great attempt to spin it DPF – but when you read the blog post David Shearer’s position seems perfectly reasonable.

    Yes – he is acknowledging that the numbers the Labour party used in the lead up to the election were rough estimates (and by the looks of it were unduly conservative). That’s not really surprising – opposition parties do not have the opportunity to have all their policies properly costed by treasury.

    What he’s suggesting is that given there will be a substantial debate on this bill over the coming months (at not insignificant cost) and that the governments concerns are around the cost of the policy. So how about getting a treasury boffin or two to properly and impartially cost the policy so that the discussion can be based around facts rather than spin from both sides.

    Surely it makes no sense to dismiss a policy (which National acknowledges has benefits in terms of maternal and child health and wellbeing) on the grounds of cost, but also refuse to get the policy properly costed.

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  6. simo (159 comments) says:

    Hate Hate Hate Tax Tax Tax Spend Spend Spend – Thats going to work…..Oh forgot borrow – When is his superior personality going to rescue him from this ever expanding circle of utter confusion?

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