Grey Power hypocrites

have campaigned for years against means testing of . They steadfastly refuse to accept the logic that millionaires who do not need NZ Super, should not get it. They don’t have a problem with the fact someone could still be working at age 65 earning $500,000 a year and still get NZ .

Now it is a legitimate view to be against means testing of superannuation. I think it is the wrong view, but it is a legitimate one. Their official policy is:

That superannuation be accepted as an entitlement and non-means tested.

They also say:

Grey Power is fundamentally opposed to any type of targeting of those in receipt of New Zealand Superannuation.

But compare Grey Power’s policy on NZ superannuation which they get to their submission to Parliament on the annuity paid to former Prime Minister’s:

The sentence “[the] annuity is payable at the rate fixed by the Remuneration Authority and must be paid until the person dies” should read but cannot be claimed if the former Prime Minister is employed. It shall only be applicable when that person retires permanently.

So they are against means testing of their pensions, but for means testing of former PMs when it comes to their annuity.

Now one can have a legitimate view that the former PM’s annuity shouldn’t apply while they are still working. But it gross for Grey Power to argue that NZ Super should be paid to those still working, but not the former PM’s annuity.

I also love the rationale by Grey Power, which is that the Government should reduce their expenditure wherever possible. Yet they have a list of policy demands that would cost the country billions.


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