Clifton on Little

June 15th, 2012 at 9:00 am by David Farrar


There is one thing worse for an Opposition MP than getting knocked back on an application for a snap debate in Parliament on a subject embarrassing to the Government – and that is being granted a snap debate when you are not expecting it and suddenly having little to say.

That was the fate yesterday of Labour’s , who must have felt like the dog that chases cars, but cannot think what on earth to do on the day one obligingly stops and surrenders. He had to get up and speak about the Government’s woes for 15 long minutes, and by the time he had lamented the running down of the corporation, upbraided the Government for being beastly to claimant Bronwyn Pullar and her friend Michelle Boag, and demanded Minister Judith Collins be sacked, he had started to repeat himself rather forlornly.

Not a good look to call on the Minister to resign for doing exactly what you asked her to do!

But, in time, the fabled Labour machine swung into action. Frontbencher David Parker took out a pad and started scribbling large-print notes, which he passed behind him to Trevor Mallard, who appeared to proof-read them, before passing them on to Mr Little, who quickly glanced down at each sheet of paper and, without missing a beat, introduced a new aspect of the Government’s perfidy. Socialism in action.

When finally his ordeal was over – no-one was mean enough to move an extension of time

Oh dear having to have Parker write your speech and Trevor vet it.  They probably stepped in after he said this:

Then when the heat gets really tough she starts suing her political opponents, because that is the best way she knows to shut them down. This is not a Minister for ACC worth speaking of. This is not ministerial conduct that we understand in a Western democracy. This is shocking stuff. If you asked anybody else in the world “Is there a country where a Minister of Justice, who is charge of the courts, is using those courts to sue her political opponents?”, you would think we would be talking about somewhere in Africa, or maybe a Pacific Island. 

I guess Andrew isn’t going to be Foreign Affairs Spokesperson after those comments. As I have commented, he seems more focused on stopping the lawsuit against himself (which he could have stopped with a simple retraction and apology), than on the actual ACC issues and how they impact on New Zealanders.


8 Responses to “Clifton on Little”

  1. alloytoo (1,037 comments) says:

    He seems to have a problem distinuishing between the actions of a Minister of the crown and a private person.

    Judith Collins is acting in her private capacity with her private funds in her court action.

    It’s very “African” of Mr. Little not to be able to tell the difference.

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  2. David Garrett (10,969 comments) says:

    Oh dear..sounds uncomfortably close to unwise remarks I once made about the differences between the culture of a law firm in “a pacific island” and the halls of parliament in New Zealand…

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  3. thedavincimode (8,131 comments) says:

    Just a fuckwit. Very amusing to see him completely fuck up his questions to Colins.

    Standover oaf, bully boy and really just unpleasant. He will provide much amusement in the years to come because fundamentally, he seems just too arrogant and lazy to be bothered about putting the effort in to sharpen up his act.

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  4. swan (777 comments) says:

    I thought we were a (few) pacific island(s)?

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  5. Paulus (3,565 comments) says:

    Little by name Little by nature – but with a BIG mouth (Shearer should note – he does labour no favours).
    Andrew – keep it up.

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  6. Keeping Stock (12,361 comments) says:

    The one positive thing that Andrew Little has done in his first six months in Parliament is to erase any possibilty that he might one day lead the Labour Party. Each time he gets up to speak he makes his seat on the back bench just a little bit more secure.

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  7. hmmokrightitis (1,910 comments) says:

    Shows – again, as if any further illustration was necessary – the quality of union leaders we have. Yet another gift that keeps giving.

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  8. Leaping Jimmy (21,405 comments) says:

    I’m having a good time with this issue as much as any other conservative, but I have to say it’s yet another example of how appallingly useless our media is that they spin the three board members as being “sacked” rather than merely not having their expiring terms renewed.

    I mean if they wish to whip up their circulation by creating a political storm out of not much at all and generating, not reporting, the story; then they should not pretend to be broadsheets, should they. And this includes the TV channels as well. (I’m talking about their reporting of the board aspects of this story not the wider case – the wider case is legitimate, but they have used the opportunity of the expiring terms to create something which isn’t there. That’s not reporting, that’s generation.)

    By the current standards over the last 10 years, every single media outlet in NZ would be qualified as a tabloid by overseas standards. It’s a shame there is no broadsheet left, to rise above all of this.

    One can only conclude journalism is no longer a separate profession in Aotearoa since there aren’t any separate “journalism” jobs: they’re all in marketing and PR.

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