The HoS Poll

The Herald on Sunday has their first post-election poll. The three major things I take from it are:

  • National remains high at 48% support
  • Only 25% support the partial
  • However 60% would buy shares in the companies if they had the money

The full results and a link to the full tables are at Curiablog. Some interesting aspects from the breakdowns: on

  • 88% to 89% of Labour and Green voters are against partial asset sales, but only 32% of National voters
  • National strongest amongst under 25s and 65 to 74 year olds
  • Labour is at just 19% amongst men!
  • 32% of men and only 19% of women support partial asset sales
  • Almost 70% of under 35s would buy shares if they had the money
  • 52% of Green voters and 54% of Labour voters say they will buy shares if they had the money

Winston has said he will nationalise the companies and confiscate the shares for the value originally purchased. If he forces this policy onto Labour, that is going to be potentially a lot of New Zealanders having their property confiscated.

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