Poor Iranian gamers

The Herald reports:

 They’ve vanquished elves, trolls, and all manner of magical monsters. But one select group of online gamers is facing an even more formidable foe: The US sanctions regime.

Iranian players of “,”; the massively popular online multiplayer franchise, have found themselves frozen out by Blizzard Activision Inc., the American company behind the game. Iranian role playing enthusiasts have spent much of the past week peppering Blizzard’s message board with complaints about how they weren’t able to log on to the service only to be told recently that US law was to blame.

“United States trade restrictions and economic sanction laws prohibit Blizzard from doing business with residents of certain nations, including ,” the company said in an email sent to players last week and forwarded to The Associated Press late on Tuesday.

Now that’s a step too far. I’m all for sanctions which hurt the Government, but blocking poor Iranian gamers from WoW is just unfair.

Mind you, if there are enough of them, maybe this could be the spark that lights the revolution. They role the regime, so they can carry on with WoW!