Raising money for Oxfam

September 28th, 2012 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

It turns out that the five MPs living on $2.25 a day are not making You Tube videos for WINZ offices on better budgeting but are in fact trying to raise money for charities like Oxfam that try to alleviate in countries where significant numbers do live on under $2.25 a day.

Overall fewer people each year are living in poverty, due to the economic growth of China and India as they have opened up their economies. There are lessons there for other countries.

But I certainly support assistance to those less fortunate, and support a number of charities and also micro-financing organisations such as Kiva, which I’ve made a couple of dozen loans through.

Now you would think five of the most senior Labour MPs would raise a lot of money for people in poverty. So let’s look at their efforts.

The Deputy Leader, Finance Spokesperson, Welfare Spokesperson, Aid Spokesperson and Housing Spokesperson had raised around $1,400 between them, with some as low as just $90. They obviously have not hit their colleagues up enough!

This is less than the just over $1,500 raised by a Dunedin based Young Nat, Varsha Singh.

The challenge finishes at the end of today. Who will have raised more money – half the Labour frontbench, or the Young Nat?

7 Responses to “Raising money for Oxfam”

  1. kowtow (13,208 comments) says:

    Over seas aid ,particularly as run by governments is pointless. It is criminally insane to borrow money to give to corrupt ,inefficient countries to enrich their elites.

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  2. James Stephenson (3,053 comments) says:

    Now, who was talking about “Tory charity” the other day…?

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  3. Manolo (22,024 comments) says:

    Oxfam, Helen Clark’s favorite charity, do-gooders paradise can wait and wait for any donation.
    The socialists and the charity just embarked on a publicity stunt. To be avoided.

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  4. barry (1,233 comments) says:

    Anyone who thinks that giving to overseas aid is a wiorthwhile activity needs to see a Psychiatrist and get some serious medication.

    The more aid that goes to africa – the worse the place gets. But there are some upside. Hilton builds hotels in places like South Sudan to house the brave aid workers and Toyota and Landrover make their 4WD’s mainly for the poor aid workers. Without them these models would die – so aid really means that people in Japan and UK get jobs.

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  5. rg (215 comments) says:

    Oxfam are a political organisation which recently made a submission on the proposed changes to the ETS. They want farmers to be made to pay for the biological emissions of their animals. Not only are these emissions atmospherically neutral because the animal only cycles teh carbon to and from the atmosphere but what about the idiocy of Oxfam, they Oxfam help struggling communities in the Pacific, Asia and Africa build a sustainable livelihood. What these communities need most is a stable cheap food source and an effective agricultural industry. Oxfam’s efforts will put an end to cheap food and cripple the agricultural industry, including one presumes the agricultural industries of the Pacific, Asia and Africa.

    I won’t be giving them a cent. I am glad the labour nutters are though. You would think a young Nat would have more sense but maybe not especially with National changed to a Party which is trying to do socialism better than Labour

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  6. thor42 (971 comments) says:

    I agree with the above posts.
    Darned near all of the “aid” given to agencies like Oxfam gets looted – naff-all of it gets to where it is supposed to go.
    As well as that, the big agencies like Oxfam has enormous overheads which take a huge chunk of money as well.
    Barry is right – the more you give to Africa, the worse it gets.
    I give my donations to Malaghan Institute of Medical Research. They’re an organisation that **really** does some good, and I’m sure that in terms of “bang for each buck donated” they would be right up near the top.

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  7. Fisiani (1,185 comments) says:

    Well I know a small African charity that goes directly to education in Mzuzu Northern Malawi

    Good local contacts and virtually no overheads

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