The Nation 22 September 2012

September 21st, 2012 at 8:06 am by Kokila Patel

   Video and transcripts of this show will be posted on  on Sunday afternoon..

  1. Justice Minister Judith Collins on law and order etc.
  2. Retiring Serious Fraud Office CEO, Adam Feeley on his wins and losses at the SFO.
  3. Monetary policy and the dollar — Don Brash, David Parker and Winston Peters debate Mr Peters Private Members’ Bill to amend the Reserve Bank Act.
  4. Colin James on the politics of Ms Collins and the debate over the value of the dollar.
  5. The Sunday Media Panel will be Bill Ralston and Newstalk ZB’s Susan Wood

2 Responses to “The Nation 22 September 2012”

  1. tvb (4,360 comments) says:

    I hope they debate quantitative easing. NZ and Australia seem to be the only ones that ignoring it. This might solve our high dollar and deal with high debt levels.

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  2. Steve (North Shore) (4,546 comments) says:

    Well if Rachael Smalley is going to just attack National like she did last week with Steven Joyce, then she and The Nation can piss off.

    A bit of balance please TV3

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