Do you want a Finance Minister who can’t do basic maths?

From Hansard yesterday:

Hon : I would ask whether the Minister checked his arithmetic coming to the House, because, by my reckoning, if there was going to be one house built every hour for every hour of the day, 7 days a week for 10 years, there would be a build of 613,000 houses, not the 100,000 houses that Labour says we are going to build.

Let’s make this easy for the Labour Shadow Finance spokesperson:

  1. An house an hour is 24 houses in a day
  2. That is 168 houses in a week
  3. That is 8,736 houses in a year
  4. That is 87,360 houses in ten years

It is clear that David Parker must also be responsible for the same calculations that they can build houses in Auckland for under $300,000 each. He was out by a factor of 7000%.

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