“Not that sort of person”

The Herald reports:

Mr Fieldsend contacted the Herald to tell his side of the story after used his comment about shooting as an example in a story published on Monday about the rise in threats received by the organisation.

Mr Fieldsend said he told a call centre worker the case manager was “lucky I didn’t have a gun because I would have shot her” when he called to complain about her upsetting behaviour an hour after their first review hearing in August last year.

“I don’t have a gun on me, I’m not that sort of person, I don’t have a criminal record or anything,” he said.

He doesn’t sound contrite at all. he claims he is not the sort of person who would actually shoot someone – he is just the sort of person who would tell someone’s colleague he would have shot them if he had a gun.

How would the ACC staffer know about whether he has a  criminal record?

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