Labour’s spirit of Christmas

The ODT reports:

At least one redundant Hillside worker has been denied a Christmas hamper of community-donated goods, organised by Party Dunedin South MP Clare Curran.

Hillside plant and process improvement leader David Fenwick said he was told by Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) Hillside branch delegates he would not receive a community hamper because he was a National supporter and a ”scabber”.

Lovely people aren’t they.

Mr Fenwick was part of the 20-strong ”sunset crew” tasked with closing down all but Hillside’s heavy lift and foundry, and would be made redundant in late February or early March. He said he was asked, with other workers, to gather in the Hillside car park for hampers to be given out but did not receive one.

”I asked if there was a hamper for me and was told no, because I was a National supporter and a scabber. The union people simply don’t want me to have a hamper because I voted National and always have.

”They seem to regard me as a scab, but there’s no truth in that. I’ve never crossed any picket line to go to work. It’s quite malicious. Being a National supporter is my right.”

Not on Planet Labour.

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