RIP Kevin Black

February 20th, 2013 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

Nicholas Jones at NZ Herald reports:

The humour of trail-blazing broadcaster is again filling New Zealand’s airwaves in tribute after his sudden death.

Radio Hauraki, where “Blackie” reigned supreme as the country’s top radio DJ, has been playing some of his most-loved prank calls since the 69-year-old died after a suspected heart attack on Monday night.

Listeners called in throughout yesterday to recall their favourite Blackie parody calls, which set the standard for radio humour.

The highlights are:

* Called the Ministry of Mines to report that after finding readings for uranium in his backyard, he and his friend dug a 100ft hole, and thought they had better inform the authorities. A concerned and overwhelmed official, muttering “my God”, asks him if he has any professional qualifications to do such a thing. “No. I have an uncle who was a coalminer down in Westport,” Black deadpanned.

*Told a woman in Papatoetoe that her garage remote was suspected of interfering with planes flying over her home. The woman went outside and confirmed to Black that the remote was closing and opening the garage. “Now point it at the plane above you,” he instructed. “Oh, no, I don’t want to do that,” she insisted.

*Called a rental car company and asked for some modifications to be carried out before picking up his car. “I don’t want any doors, could you take them off?” he asked. “Could you also take out all the seats except the driver’s, and the bonnet, too?” Finally, the attendant asked what he would do with the car. Black explained he would race it in the stock cars on Saturday, and wanted it as light as possible.

Love them all. Some pranks can be a bit nasty and humiliating. But these were all great fun. I love the rental car one especially.

5 Responses to “RIP Kevin Black”

  1. tvb (5,542 comments) says:

    He was clever all right. Prank calls are fun if you can get it right. Many don’t because they are too dumb and to full of themselves.

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  2. chris (760 comments) says:

    He did another one similar to the stock car / rental car where he was a Swedish rally driver called something like “Toot Carkanin”. Funnily enough I was thinking about that exact prank call on Tuesday morning when I didn’t yet know he had died, and probably hadn’t thought about the guy in years. The Universe works in strange ways sometimes.

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  3. Steve (North Shore) (5,004 comments) says:

    I think Blackie was also responsible for saying that an iceberg was coming into Waitemata Harbour. This is when there was a fuel shortage.
    Some dick rang Hauraki to blame them for the waste of petrol driving back to Auckland from the Bombays just to see this ‘iceberg’

    Stupid people deserve everything they get

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  4. Kacang (36 comments) says:

    I crossed paths with him at a few parties way back when. I remember him as a really genuine nice guy who never forgot a face.

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  5. Ianacek (1 comment) says:

    I used to run into him at the Onehunga pool .He was always very genuine and interested . Sometimes he was there with his young family . he started a cafe in Onehunga Mall called “Blackies”. He had the building painted black . he sold it when he moved to Remuera . He and Jenny Marcroft were a class act on Solid Gold Breakfast show . His signature line was “This is Mrs Blacks little boy , Kevin” seemed to sum up his outlook on life .

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