The Gibbs Farm

Had a stunning day on Friday at the Gibbs Farm by Kaipara Harbour.

It was organised by the Wellington Sculpture Trust, and around 120 – 150 people flew up from Wellington for it. I doubt anyone regretted it. The farm is outstanding in three ways.

Together they create an experience that people literally travel to New Zealand to see. The Farm has an open day once a month. I highly recommend you try and attend at some stage. Allow a good three hours to get around everything.


This stag had a cry like a foghorn. You could hear him on the other side of the farm.


There is a statue of a giraffe but also three actual giraffes on the farm. I prefers giraffes not to be in captivity but they have such a large space to roam around in they seemed pretty happy.


This is a close up of A Fold in the Field with a mower making its way up over one of the folds.

This is called 88.50 ARCx8. The yaks at the bottom give you an idea of how large it is.


The Green and White Fence runs for 3.2 kms.


This is me inside the iconic Dismemberment, Site 1.

And Jordan W sliding out the far end.


The end is 25 metres tall.




Red Cloud confrontation in Landscape


Another view of Dismemberment. The people by it give you some idea of its size. It is 85 metres long.


The central lake and fountain.


The Mermaid. Just next to it is a water polo lake



As we were driving out, we encountered this ostrich happily sitting down on the road blocking it. He wouldn’t move even with the bus in front of him. Someone had to get out and lead him away.

The animals are all very tame, and basically treat the farm as belonging to them, and are very nonplussed by the visitors.

Again a great day. Big thanks to for his generosity in making it available to the public, and for his talk to us. Also to the Wellington Sculpture Trust for organizing the day.

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