Christie gains more Democratic endorsements

Huff Post blogs:

New Jersey Gov. ’s (R) reelection campaign was backed by four more Democratic elected officials Monday, bringing the total to 36 statewide. …

Christie has been backed by two of the state’s most powerful Democrats, Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo and state Sen. Brian Stack, in his reelection campaign. DiVincenzo and Stack, who both command powerful voter turnout armies and are popular in their home regions, have been long time Christie allies. A third powerful Democrat, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, has not ruled out backing Christie.

Christie is obviously going to win re-election massively.

What is more interesting is all these endorsements will help him in 2016, if he can win the Republican nomination. Having so many senior Democrats endorse you as Governor, means that you can appeal to independents and moderates and very importantly be seen as someone who can break the gridlock in Washington.

I think Christie may be the only Republican that has a chance against Hillary Clinton in the general election. I think he could beat Clinton. A Clinton or Bush has been in the White House for 20 of the last 25 years. Why carry on a dynasty.

However can Christie win the Republican nomination. Many would rather let Clinton win, than nominate Christie. However if the Republicans fail to win the White House in 2016, then there is a fair chance they lose a majority on the Supreme Court, which would be a setback.

The next three years will be interesting.

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