No one else to blame

Stuff reports:

A worker, who was fired after his boss saw Facebook photos of him at a waka ama championship when he was meant to be at home sick, faces bankruptcy if hit up for legal costs.

Bruce Taiapa, of Gisborne, must pay his former employer, Turanga Ararau, $12,315 after he took the training institute to the Employment Relations Authority. It ruled the institute was entitled to sack him because he misused his sick leave. He appealed to the Employment Court, and lost that appeal.

So he took the case, lost it, and appealed, lost that, and is now complaining he can’t pay the legal bills.

Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to just accept the (justified) sacking and look for another job? Or not to have pulled a sickie and facebooked photos of you away at a sporting event.

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