Inside the Rudd campaign takes a fascinating look inside the Rudd Campaign. It seems beyond dysfunctional. Highlgights:

  • Critics joke that by the end of the campaign the Rudd flying circus may consist of Hawker and Rudd literally piloting the plane, so centralised is the decision-making by the two old mates.
  • To raise morale, staff at CHQ are encouraged to clap each other. In the event of a daily “win”, staff stand around applauding their colleagues.
  • All policy is being made up on the road, with no one wanting to disagree with Bruce or Kevin for fear of being fired.
  • “The message of the day sent out from CHQ to seat directors never matches what Kevin stands up and says.
  • The Canberra press office is even worse off, not even CHQ filling them in, press secretaries there are left to wander the gallery with no information on what is happening that day, relying on watching Sky News to piece the day’s message together. It’s a complete shambles.”

I’ve been involved in some some shambolic campaigns, but nothing approaching this horror story!


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