Labour’s privatisation history with Air New Zealand

are insisting the exact right share of for the Government to own is 73%. Or alternatively they are saying it is only acceptable for the Government to increase their shareholding in , not dilute it.

Well consider their history with Air New Zealand.

  1. Labour privatized it in 1989 – selling it to Singapore owned Brierleys and Singapore Airlines.
  2. Labour bought 80% of it in 2001.
  3. Labour agreed to sell 22.5% to Qantas in 2002 – 2004
  4. Labour never reinvested the dividends so that’s why the share is down to 73% in 2013. It has been a creeping privatization since 2001. 

National has sold 20% to New Zealanders. The Clark Government tried to sell 22.5% to Qantas, who are not only foreigners (not that I care about that) but would have destroyed trans-Tasman competition!

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