Healthy food much cheaper than fast food

A good article at Stuff busts the myth that fast is cheaper than healthy , and the implicit push by some that we need a tax on certain foods. Their findings:

Healthy breakfast: 50c-$1
Fast food breakfast: $2-$5

Healthy lunch: $2
Fast food lunch: $7 

Healthy dinner: $3-$4
Fast food dinner: $9.90 

Healthy snacks: $1
Convenience food: 75c

Healthy drinks: 70c for two glasses of milk
Fizzy drink: 30c for two glasses of soda

If you add up the three meals, snacks, and drinks, the artery-clogging convenience diet costs $20 at the bare minimum – and probably a whole lot more.

A bare-basics healthy diet with a bit of leeway costs more like $7 to $9, roughly two to three times cheaper.

The reason people buy fast food is because it is fast, not because it is cheaper.

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